How To Play Acoustic Guitar 

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Get acoustic guitar lessons that will provide everything you need to transform your playing to be like a professional guitarist. 

Watch our video with Darryl, to see how we can help you learn to play the guitar. Let's discover what your passions are on the guitar and what sort of guitarist you want to become! 



Learning Guitar is exciting and has loads of possibilities! Get the right direction so you can be inspired to reach your goals and your true potential! 

Learning Guitar is exciting and has loads of possibilities! Get the right direction so you can be inspired to reach your goals and your true potential! 

Are you thinking about playing the acoustic guitar for the first time? 

Do you ever listen to music and think "wouldn't it be amazing if I could play that song". 

Do you ever wonder what it takes to play like a professional?

Have you ever thought about performing in front of other people? 

Have you had a guitar sitting in the corner of your room waiting for you to pick it up and play it?

Have you been wanting to play the guitar since childhood and just haven't started yet?

Are you inspired to play the guitar because of someone you know, a friend or family member? Do you reminiscence about your time together? 

Perhaps you've been playing the acoustic guitar for a while now and feel a little lost for direction and inspiration? 

Perhaps you are bored of playing the same few songs and chords and want to try something different? 


If any one of these questions apply to you then we can definitely help. As a musician, we all had to start somewhere. Most likely it was because someone had inspired us. It could be a friend or family or someone iconic whom we wanted to be like. Some people may start playing the guitar because they wanted to impress someone special to them. So why are you looking at our site today? 

Everyone would agree that music speaks to each one of us in an unique way. It can bring up specific memories and allows us to feel certain emotions. When we play, we can express ourselves and effect those around us. This makes music powerful and brings people closer together. 

Guitar itself is a versatile instrument, with the right directions, you can be playing your first song in the first hour, building up your skill to play at performance level and beyond! Learning how to advance on the acoustic guitar has endless possibility with different styles and applications. It is also great for vocal accompaniment, which is why it's such a popular instrument to write and sing songs with. 

"Playing the acoustic guitar can be easy and fun when you are with the right teacher."

If you have had a guitar sitting there for awhile then this is the time to start. This is why you are on our website, right? Playing the acoustic guitar can be easy and fun when you are with the right teacher. We agree that it is easy to put things off than to start something new, and that is why we are here, to help you get started.

Perhaps you have been playing for awhile and feel stuck. This does frequently happen when you lack direction. Most musicians often hit a plateau with their playing. We have all been there. You feel lost and don't know what to work on next. You can even loose inspiration and motivation to play or practise. This can cause little progress to be made. We have helped many people overcome this frustration by providing the right guidance and inspiration for them. 

You may see a guitar teacher as just a guitar teacher. And that may be true for some guitar teachers. Like most professions, someone's ability to teach can vary and does not always relate to their ability on the guitar. You may have already had a teacher and felt that they didn't know how to help you progress or keep you interested. This definitely does not make them a good guitar teacher. 

Learning from books, online material or apps can leave you more frustration and confused due to huge amount of content! And you could be learning the wrong thing!

Learning from books, online material or apps can leave you more frustration and confused due to huge amount of content! And you could be learning the wrong thing!

Your lessons with a guitar teacher... 

...should be so much more than just learning new material. You can easily get content from books, online websites, videos or apps. However, these options of learning will never listen to your desires and goals. A world of content is distracting and can leave any beginner or even advance player overwhelmed and confused. It's easy to get lost in the information and not know which direction to go. There is also the danger of learning the wrong techniques. Then you have to unlearn it, which is even more time consuming!

The right guitar teacher will listen to you, and ensure the materials you are given is correct and appropriate for you. Train and coach you to ensure the techniques you are learning is correct and teach you how to integrate it into different songs to ensure you are confident with each step before moving on. This allows you to progress effectively and quickly by learning the right techniques the first time with the right direction to help you reach your goals.  

So you may be thinking, I have a friend who plays the guitar who would teach me! This is of course another option, but this one often leaves people frustrated and not advancing. Your friend will never dedicate themselves to helping you achieve your goals week in and week out while making sure you practise and is actually improving. These relationships rarely last for long, and often disinterest you as a potentially amazing player and wastes a lot of everyone's time. 

happyman with his how to play acoustic guitar lessons.png

We don't want any of these things to happen to you! You deserve someone who listens to you from day one and knows what you want. Someone who is flexible and can adapt to teaching you in the way that helps you advance. You want to be certain that you are going in the right direction and when you play, you feel constantly inspired and motivated to improve.

Some bits of the guitar is hard, but we want to reduce as much of that frustration for you as possible. Ensuring that you enjoy playing every step of the way. Time is the most precious thing we have, so we want to make as much progress in as little time as possible. We've had years of experience helping people learn the guitar so we know what works and what doesn't. Learning how to play a new instrument s tremendously rewarding and we love seeing people progress and how proud they are! 

We've helped many people find the inspiration for playing and get direction so they can feel focused. Whether you are a beginning or an advance player. We will tailor the teaching specifically for you so you can learn the way that suits you the best. 

Having had more than 7 years of experience in teaching and also managing other teachers. We know how to get you to be productive and improve in every lesson. We will get you feeling energised and motivated when you leave every lesson too! Especially when you see how fast you are progressing! We want you to progress quickly, so you can start doing things you really want to! Whether that is playing your favourite songs, performing in front of others, playing in a band, writing tracks, improvising!

Whatever your mind believes, you can achieve. Learn to play acoustic guitar with us today. 

With us, you will 

  • Get the right direction so you can start playing your favourite songs
  • Get confidence playing in front of other people
  • Have the right amount of content given to you at the right time that's suitable for you and your goals to speed up your progress
  • Have an experienced and patient teacher give you instant feedback so you can be certain of learning the right techniques
  • Learn to play songs off the top of your head, improvise and song write like a professional
  • Connect and meet other like minded people who are also passionate and dedicated to improving their Guitar Playing
  • Get Master Workshops with Professional Musicians from all over Europe to teach you a variety of topics to improve your all around guitar knowledge
  • Get to record your own playing and even your own written music
  • Most of all, have fun! 

Whether you are taking your first step into playing the guitar or wanting to take it to the next level, we are here to help you. We do this by having you come in for a free assessment lesson so we can get to know each other, understand the way you learn so we know how best to teach you. We want you to be playing what you want as soon as possible and push your boundaries to make new and exciting discoveries! We are here to turn average players into extraordinary players. 

Common Questions and Answers: 

Will this work for me? If you are willing, then we will always be there to guide you every step of the way to success and help motivate you. All you have to do is believe in yourself. Believe that you can learn to play acoustic guitar. 

How do I know what you are teaching is correct? Besides having years of experience playing, managing other teachers and teaching. We are also part of an International Guitar Teaching that ensures we are teaching the correct method and in the best way to know how to get you results in the most effective and enjoyable way.

Will I be supported outside of lessons? Yes, any questions you have, you can e-mail us. We look after our students to ensure they feel supported in what they want to do. 

I don't feel like I have time to practise, will I still make progress? We have experience in ensuring when you have minimal time to practise, what you do is the most effective. If you can practise at least 5 minutes a day, then you will definitely make some progress. Of course, there is a correlation between how long you spend practising effectively and making massive amount of progress. We recommend all our students to practise at least 20 minutes a day.

I don't feel like I have any musical skills, will I still be able to play? Anyone can learn musical talent, yes that's right, I said learn talent. Some people may pick up certain things easier, but anything on the guitar is learnable. We can coach you to do it if you are willing to put in the work. 

Are there opportunities to play with other people? Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to play with others, which means if you are looking to be in a band, jam with friends, play in a church or perform, it's perfect for you to learn how to play acoustic guitar in a group situation and play in front of others. 

I have another guitar teacher already, will it still benefit me to come to you? We offer a free assessment lesson, so it may benefit you to have a look at another teacher to see what we have to offer. It's always interesting to get another perspective on your playing. Ultimately, it's for you to decide who is right for you. 

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Retail Price £5.99

Retail Price £5.99

Contact us today and we will give you our recent interview between our own top guitar teacher, Darryl Powis in London with top Guitar Teacher in Switzerland, Gonçalo Crespo on how getting the right mentor and teacher is vital to you becoming a successful guitarist. In this interview, we speak about Gonçalo's inspiring musical journey from how he got started with the guitar and continued to become one of the top teachers in Switzerland and what he really thinks about musical talent. You will receive both the video and an additional audio version of this bonus! This is normally only exclusive to our existing students!

This Bonus is part of our Interview Series, click here to find out more about how to be an amazing guitarist with Goncalo Crespo. 


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What styles do you teach for Acoustic? 

Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Fingerstyle, Pop, Rock, Bluegrass. 

Do you teach song writing? 

Yes, we have a comprehensive program to suit whatever your needs and goals are. 

What level do you teach at? 

Beginner, all the way to advanced and professional musicians. 

Do you only teach acoustic? 

We also teach electric guitar as well. Click here to Learn how to play electric guitar.

What ages do you teach? 

We have students range from age 5- 75, so any really! As long as you want to learn. 

What happens at the free assessment lesson? 

It is where we get to know each other and make an assessment on how you learn, so we know the best way to teach you. 


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Get your free assessment and free bonus now! And take the first step into learning how to play acoustic guitar.

Get your free assessment and free bonus now! And take the first step into learning how to play acoustic guitar.