"I've been coming to the Monday night group guitar tuition with Darryl now for 3 months.
My guitar playing has improved immensely. I've gone from being stuck playing the few songs I knew for the past 10 years and failing to learn anything new, to now feeling like I could happily learn to play anything with the solid foundation of skills being laid down in my weekly lessons.

The lessons are varied and dynamic, often with everyone learning different things at the same time and at different stages but then moments come together where we've all learned different parts to the same song and we all get to play together. That's really fun.
I thoroughly enjoy the lessons and have found a new enthusiasm for practicing. I am setting goals that I can see I will accomplish and I can't wait to get on this months workshop where we'll be learning from, and then playing with a band.

I would recommend Guitar Tuition East London for any level of abilities. Darryl's teaching style, knowledge and enthusiasm are second to none."